Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spring, House, Life

I am hoping someone can tell me what type of tree this is - aren't the blooms lovely? This was at the library in a neighboring city, where the kids and I have been going for conversational Russian class with a home school group. Katia has been wonderful and the kids have really enjoyed it. We're disappointed next week is the last week! Now we are trying to decide whether or not to pursue studying Russian further since we do live in an area of high population of Russian and Ukranians or try another language. Boogie suggested German, since Mom knows that, but Spanish would be more practical given where we live. Most of the language stuff is not geared for primary grades, so I am leaning towards German since I could develop my own and have taught it to elementary school students before.

Things are moving right along with the house. Thank you for all your comments and prayers! The water company inspection went great on Monday and they are going to be replacing a valve on Friday, which is great because we thought it would be our expense! Now we are waiting to hear from the underwriter to see if our mortgage gets approval and we can then move on to appraisals and whatever other paper pushing needs to happen! We can still use your prayers. Tomorrow we will be meeting with the man who is offering to buy the trailer. This is very crucial and should go well, but I have been a little nervous, waiting for the other shoe to drop! All of this God has orchestrated so marvelously that I feel like I'm holding my breath that something doesn't go wrong! I trust Him, I just don't trust people in the world! lol

As soon as I'm done updating here, I'm back to cleaning and packing box... that'll probably be the norm over the next month, then the next month after that it will be cleaning and unpacking boxes! The kids are all sick (we all have allergies so bad right now from all those beautiful tree!) and piled on the couch watching Chicken Run!

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