Friday, February 27, 2009

Life Book Challenge at Heritage Scrap

Life has been so crazy, I don't know if I have even mentioned that last month I took on a new position as Creative Team Leader at Heritage Scrap, which is a digital scrapbook store and community designed to serve the needs of heritage and vintage scrappers with special emphasis on telling the story!

My new friend Vicki has started the Life Book Challenge, which when finished will complete the entire life story of yourself or a person in your family. I chose to do mine on my Grandma Hopkins. Since I have shared so much about her on this blog, I decided I will post some of the pages here.

This page is going to be the cover or opening page of her book. I blended a photo of her taken midlife with a background paper from Jean Daugherty in the collaborative Old Tyme Rose kit, the wide lace band from Digizines by Teri's Misty Morning Kit and the narrow lace from Annie's Digital Things' Grandmother's Sewing Basket kit. Next up is the birth pages. I think this is going to be a lot of fun!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

From Ruth's Heart... Jack Update

God Answers Prayer… As a child I learned the song about “God answers prayer in the morning, God answers prayer at noon, God answers prayer in the evening, so keep your heart in tune.” Today, I learned it anew.

I have been abiding in Christ and praying without ceasing as I walk this faith journey and both are precious, however, sometimes I need to remember to use our resources, you our prayer warriors. That is what happened on Tuesday. As I was praying and waiting upon the Lord in regards to the role and heady responsibility “I” have happily received from Jack, to serve as his advocate in the medical arena… I suddenly realized that we have prayer warriors, so I quickly shot an e-mail to our church for distribution to our Prayer Chain and Church Staff… then was able to let it go.

By the end of the day our local gastroenterologist’s nurse called me and Jack had 2 appointments scheduled here in Bellingham... this week Friday afternoon he will have a consultation with the Radiation Oncologist and next Wednesday afternoon, 3/4 he will see the Medical Oncologist regarding chemotherapy. Not only did God answer our prayers… but he gave us the doctors that were recommended to us, appointment times that were not only expedient, but the best possible for Ruth’s work schedule… and, and, and… immeasureably more than we can ever ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20).

I was blessed to be able to go home and share the news of God’s answering prayer with Jack who continues to improve daily, gaining strength and enjoying new foods and the “concoctions” that he and sister Kristine have come up with that maximizes his protein intake and nutritional needs as well as providing tasty eating. His spirit is a joy to behold, blessing everyone he comes in contact with. He is the light of my life and the encourager of my heart.

Jack is looking forward to an outing tomorrow to the Senior Center in Lynden to share in his wood carver’s display of their current projects, followed by a visit to see his mother Doris. We are also planning to make an appearance at church on Sunday as we both have greatly missed worship and fellowship with our church family.

Our Daily Bread devotions yesterday were from Ruth 1:15-22, The first part of the passage is familiar and was part of our wedding vows, “urge me not to leave you… where you go, I go…” Later verses speak to Naomi’s faith and knowledge of who was in control of her life and journey through difficult times. She refers to God as the “Almighty” (Shaddai) which in Hebrew indicates God’s sufficiency for any situation… and also as “Lord (Yahweh) which refers to His faithfulness as the loving covenant-keeping God. In the midst of Naomi’s lament (you can supplant my name right here, LOL!) she never lost sight of the fact that her God was capable and faithful. I pray I will continue to “see” my Almighty Lord, El Shaddai Yahweh, in the midst of each day as Step by Step we Follow Him… and that we will daily remember His faithfulness. Again and yet again, God gives us the daily bread of himself that we need for the strength for that day. He promises not to give us more than we can handle, I am learning that what He means is to live in the moment which we can handle, not attempting to look beyond what He has giving for this day… when I do I can quickly become overwhelmed and it becomes more than I can handle, but when I am obedient to His word, it is never more than He knows I can handle. Our devotions ended with this quote drawing me back to Psalm 46:10:

“Be still, my soul: thy God doth undertake
To guide the future as He has the past.
Thy hope, thy confidence let nothing shake;
All now mysterious shall be bright at last. – von Schlegel

Once again we thank you for your faithful prayers! We continue to covet them for healing and strength for Jack… wisdom for the oncology doctors in how best to proceed with radiation and chemo therapy… protection against treatment side effects… peace and encouragement for the long haul… and that God will be glorified in it all!

We never cease to be amazed that God in His sovereignty is meeting our needs, as well those of people we love… providing Tim & Theresa’s a new home, contact with Jack’s daughter Ysenia, being with Bruce & Linda as they move to a new duty station in Virginia, and watching over each of our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren, each and every precious one wherever they are.

Spring, House, Life

I am hoping someone can tell me what type of tree this is - aren't the blooms lovely? This was at the library in a neighboring city, where the kids and I have been going for conversational Russian class with a home school group. Katia has been wonderful and the kids have really enjoyed it. We're disappointed next week is the last week! Now we are trying to decide whether or not to pursue studying Russian further since we do live in an area of high population of Russian and Ukranians or try another language. Boogie suggested German, since Mom knows that, but Spanish would be more practical given where we live. Most of the language stuff is not geared for primary grades, so I am leaning towards German since I could develop my own and have taught it to elementary school students before.

Things are moving right along with the house. Thank you for all your comments and prayers! The water company inspection went great on Monday and they are going to be replacing a valve on Friday, which is great because we thought it would be our expense! Now we are waiting to hear from the underwriter to see if our mortgage gets approval and we can then move on to appraisals and whatever other paper pushing needs to happen! We can still use your prayers. Tomorrow we will be meeting with the man who is offering to buy the trailer. This is very crucial and should go well, but I have been a little nervous, waiting for the other shoe to drop! All of this God has orchestrated so marvelously that I feel like I'm holding my breath that something doesn't go wrong! I trust Him, I just don't trust people in the world! lol

As soon as I'm done updating here, I'm back to cleaning and packing box... that'll probably be the norm over the next month, then the next month after that it will be cleaning and unpacking boxes! The kids are all sick (we all have allergies so bad right now from all those beautiful tree!) and piled on the couch watching Chicken Run!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

It All Began With A Pampered Chef Party

Here's Hubby, signing his life away! It all began with a Pampered Chef party. You see, in January Lynette hosted a Pampered Chef party for our friend Lori, a new consultant. It was so much fun, the food was yummy, yum yum and Lori did a great job. (I'll be having a follow up party in a couple months! If you need anything let me know!) While I was there several of the ladies were discussing the house for sale across the street which had a sign that said "I'm Gorgeous Inside"! I got a little giggle out of that. Some of these ladies live in the neighborhood and it sure would be nice to have them all for neighbors.

When I went home, I looked the address up on the internet and found the listing. I was astonished at how low the prices had gone in the last several months. I know we are living in the foreclosure capital of the US, but still I was shocked! This started the ball rolling. When our tax return from the federal govt came in (California is still holding ours hostage! GRRRR!), we checked into a mortgage company specializing in public servant loans and applied for a CalSTRS loan that is for public school teachers and employees.

The whole thought of selling our trailer and all that would encompass was a nightmare and we began praying for a miracle.

Next we were introduced to Keith. He is just super awesome. Yes, the superlatives do fit! We scheduled to look at some houses. The first one wasn't bad, but every single appliance had been ripped out and they even took all the drawers out of the kitchen cabinets! That would have been a huge expense for us just moving in and with no cash.

Then we saw this house. It's about 2.5 miles from where we live now and not far from our church. It was built in 1961 and needs some TLC and cosmetic work, but it has "good bones".

Hubby and the kids LOVED the yard. It has a Magnolia, orange, grapefruit and HUGE walnut tree. That's princess trying to climb the orange tree, Boogie and Sunshine talking and me and Keith on the right.

This is Sunshine running near the walnut tree. It's a gorgeous old tree that spans the property line and is of a concern because of how it has effected the masonry and goes up into the power and phone lines. On the other hand it has tremendous character and shade. I'll be calling our utility company on Monday to find out more.

Blogger is not letting me move photos around, so the rest will be in random order. This is the main bath, which is small but has been kept nice with some updating.

Here is the master bedroom. His and hers closets! :-)

And this is what I loved about the house... the 16x24 great room. I love the faux timbered ceilings with pine tongue and groove that fortunately noone has painted! The wood looks a little thirsty, so I plan on cleaning it and finding out what type of oil pine needs. That's on the long list of things to do.

This is half the kitchen. It's actually quite a large kitchen but there aren't many cabinets and that is a little discouraging especially coming from where we are now. However, there is plenty of room to add either base cabinets or a free standing base cabinet that we have seen at Ikea. I need more counter top to make bread and have the kids help me cook. This picture doesn't show how dirty it is. Inside, the cabinets are filthy! They will be scrubbed, primed and painted before anything touches them. Eventually I'll paint the outside too, but that can wait until after we move in. I'm going to paint the walls light yellow, the cabinets cream and continue with my cobalt blue accents. It's the Swede in me! :-)

This is the master bath, the other room that needs some work down the road, but for now is mostly functional.

As you go from the kitchen to the living/great room, this is what you see. Eventually we will have a dining table here.

The kids had the first meal in the new house!

These are the sliders/windo leading outside. Eventually we will have to get dual paned windows for the whole house.
The kids are really excited about the house and Boogie really is excited about having his own bedroom! Princess is mostly concerned that we have GRASS! My poor deprived children! Having our own yard will make PE much easier!
So by now you have guessed that we made an offer on this house. We are still praying for a miracle on selling our mobile. We have a verbal offer by a guy who flips homes and trailers... but nothing in writing yet, so I am feeling a bit cautious. We would appreciate any prayers for that!
Saturday we had the home inspection and there were no huge surprises. There are known dry rot issues which will be repaired while in escrow and a few things we will have to do for weekend projects etc. There is another hurdle to cross before definitively moving forward with the sale. There is something wrong with the main water valve for the house. Someone will be out to inspect on Monday to determine what the issue is. We will need to know how long water has been running and whether or not there is any damage to the slab, ground etc.
We are really excited and terrified at the same time. All along we have been praying for God to clearly open and close the doors and slam them shut if we are not to proceed forward. He has been so faithful. The waiting is driving me crazy of course!!! Maybe by the girls' 6th birthday we will be moving in our new home!
We have lived in two places in the ten years of our marriage but I didn't get to be involved in the decision process (due to logistics of long distance romance). This will be the first home we have chosen together and I am really looking forward to "nesting"! :-)
If you feel led, please pray for us in this process! Thank you!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jack's Journey Continues....

Mom said it so well, I'll let her words speak for themselves...


God’s peace continues to surround us… As we left the house Wednesday to drive to Seattle for a myriad of appointments in follow up to Jack’s surgery, we were greeted at our driveway by neighbor children out for a walk, including some of the toddlers from Jack’s Sunday School class… what a blessing to collect hugs and high 5s… then we drove under sunny skies, enjoying the time for intimate conversation.

We arrived at our hotel in time to check in, for Jack to have a serving of soup, then took the hotel shuttle to Virginia Mason where a wheel chair awaited Jack as we went from appointment to appointment throughout the clinic.

Our first stop of the day was to see a Nutritionist, where we were blessed by a delightful woman named Debra, who was very knowledgeable, helpful and encouraging. Not only did she answer our questions, provide handouts for the next phases of diet, but also gave us her e-mail address in case we have questions in the future. So reassuring and Jack was delighted to discover that he can now have a poached egg and oatmeal, two of his favorites, as he moves to pureed foods for a couple of weeks, then on to soft foods. PTL!

Next stop was to visit the Surgeons where Dr. Fru, the resident who adopted us and vise versa, removed Jack’s 18 staples, carefully saving them in a ziplock bag for Jack, then promptly throwing them away… LOL! They were quickly retrieved, after care questions addressed, and next follow up noted for 3 to 6 months hence to keep an eye on his nutrition.

The last 2 appointments were with the Oncology doctors who reviewed the pathology report with us and explained the need for further treatment and the Tumor Board’s recommendations. While the stomach cancer was found early and the surgery removed all seeable cancer, there was cancer found in one of twelve lymph nodes removed during the surgery… that fact combined with the aggressiveness of this “signet ring” type of cancer make is advisable to proceed with a course of treatment combining both chemo and radiation. We are thankful that there are good oncology physicians and treatment facilities here in Bellingham so that we will not need to expend time and energies traveling to and from Seattle as the course of treatment will likely extend from March to September.

Jack is gaining strength daily and has moved from a full liquid diet to pureed foods, eating small portions several times a day and enjoying the taste of food, although he doesn’t experience hunger since he has no stomach. Doctors are very pleased with his overall progress and we are praising the Lord for answered prayers! Our spirits continue to be at peace, trusting the Lord to carry Jack through the next phase of the journey.

We seem to have a new language… speaking in song and scripture, e.g. God is Good… All the Time… My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus Christ and righteousness… Because He Lives, I can face tomorrow, all fear is gone… and It is Well with My Soul.

Jack’s take on Wednesday’s appointments and “knowing” the full extent of the cancer and the path that lies ahead follows the line of “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free… Ruth heartily agrees and is also blessed by the song “Christ Above Me”… Ever guiding.

Christ Above Me
John Chisum, George Searcy

Christ above me
Christ beside me
Christ within me ever guiding
Christ behind me
Christ before
Christ my love
my life my Lord

Bread of life from Heaven
Lover of my soul
Peace of God so ever present
I surrender my control to


Mercy everlasting
Tenderness divine
Word of God so ever healing
I surrender heart and mind to


© 1999 ThreeFold Amen Music/ThreeFold Praise Music

Thanks for listening, loving us, and faithfully praying for us!

Love and Blessings... Ruth

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Be It Ever So Humble...

A few words from Mom/Ruth...

Be it ever so humble… there is no place like home!

Thank you to EVERYONE for your love and prayers that have carried us through Jack’s recent hospitalization for stomach cancer surgery. We are now at home and Jack is recuperating well. We will travel back to Seattle on Wednesday, February 18th for followup appointments with the Nutritionist, Surgeon, and Oncology team. Please continue to pray for Jack’s healing and recovery, for strength for Ruth as she returns to work on Monday… and blessings on Jack’s sister Kristine as she assists us with Jack’s care, as well as all of our family.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

His Mercies Are New Every Morning - Jack Gets To Go Home!

This picture doesn't do it justice, and it doesn't show it all. God gave us a HUGE and INTENSE double rainbow this afternoon. That's our house in the middle (wanna buy it?! lol). I stood outside in my stocking feet in the rain with a wash cloth over my lens barrel to protect it from the water! Even my wide angle couldn't get the second beautiful bow, but what a delight.

Jack will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow morning and they will be heading home! Hurray! Please pray for their journey and transition home. They will need the next few days to settle and get used to a new routine, medical care and still working out the kinks in pain control.

Please refrain from telephoning these first few days. We hope you will understand.

It's not that they don't want to hear from you at all and please know that they do APPRECIATE all of you, but they are exhausted from everything and need some time to learn all the medical necessities and get into the new routine and rest. You can imagine that neither of them (Ruth has been mostly sleeping at the hospital in a chair) have gotten much rest in the hospital! It will feel good to be in their own bed.

I will keep updating as there is new news. PLEASE continue to pray. This is a long journey. Thank you so much!

The Importance of Being Seven

For about 6 months out of the year, Boogie gets to be "much older" than his sisters... that is his age number is 2 greater than theirs. The other half of the year that is reduced to 1. When you are 7 that is a big deal. Yesterday was an important day in being 7. The tooth in front that has been loose for awhile came out while eating a banana at lunch yesterday. My freckle nosed boy was more than happy to pose proudly for this picture.

When you are the oldest and the only (boy), then sometimes 7 makes you BIG and IMPORTANT. You are in charge of the safety drills your family practices, you get to do important errands, you learn math concepts that your baby sisters can't even begin to comprehend yet, you can read chapter books, you can build the coolest Legos Mars Mission alien ships... but the most frustrating thing about being 7 - still sharing a room with your little sisters! UGH!

Boogie is probably the most excited about getting a new house because he will get a room of his own! At first he wanted to paint his room RED, ALL RED! I said no, because even pink is hard to paint and takes many coats (anything with red in it - it's the hardest to get the right coverage/color), but that he could have one wall red. He ended up deciding he wants sky blue with clouds! We'll see.

And we are considering getting two kittens (shhh! Don't tell Abbie!) so that the girls can have the experience of seeing two baby kitties grow up and play (they miss so much growing up in the city!). We were talking about this and I asked Boogie if he was excited about getting kitties... he said, "NO! They Scratch!" LOL He can fight the alien onslaught, but not kitty claws! :-) So, I asked him what type of pet he wants and he said he wanted a gold fish.

The adventure continues! Never a dull moment around here!

In the mean time we are packing like crazy to get stuff in storage to sell our trailer and we are waiting to hear if the bank that owns the property is going to accept our offer.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jack Update

Hi everyone! Sorry for the late update. It's our long day when Hubby teaches until 10 PM so I have not had a chance to log on until tonight. In between everything else we are waiting to hear if the bid we put on a house is going to be accepted, while starting to pack to get our trailer ready to sell. Nothing like a little stress to put you behind schedule! lol

Jack has been working diligently to meet all the steps required for discharge. I'm so proud of him, he accomplished going up 8 stairs with the PT today! Having had two C-sections, I know what an ouch that is! lol It looks like he will probably be discharged tomorrow (Wednesday) and the surgical reports are still not complete. They will spend the night at the hotel in Seattle to give some rest and make sure everything is okay before driving 2 hours north. Please pray that they will not have to contend with snow and adverse conditions heading home.

The main prayer request now is for pain control. Please pray that they will find the right dosage of pain meds and for continued pain control as he transitions at home. Oh yeah, since Mom (Ruth) got to say something on the blog, Jack wants to too... he says, "Everything is Copacetic!" (aka "Fine as frog's hair!") If you know Jack, you'll get that! :-)

Thanks so much for the prayers! For my regular bloggy friends... I'll get back to regular blogging soon... hopefully with some pictures of our new home!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Just When I Thought I Was Done...

Please scroll down for pictures of Jack (all rated G - nothing medically gory! lol)

I thought I was done updating and just received this from Ruth, what she wrote for church and thought I would also post this here since it is written from her perspective...

We continue to rejoice and PTL! for His wonderful oversight of all aspects of our lives. Saturday was a busy day with blessings. An x-ray was done to see if and how contrast liquid would flow through Jack's "new" system (esophagus direct to intestine)... and I got to watch with one of his doctor's. To quote him, it was "textbook" perfect... No leaks or blockage... and again we give glory to God!!! Three of Jack's cousins and spouses visited yesterday as well... and Jack received a tube feeding just for nurishment sake... so it was a fine large day. To date Jack has only had ice chip wet swabs and nothing by mouth... but Today he will begin clear liquids... an ounce at at time. Thus our prayer requests include his ability to tolerate the liquids without nausea or discomfort... Additionally we pray that the side of effects of his morphine pump and epideral in his back will lessen, e.g. some itching, sweats and hot/cold alternates, and some disorientation "goofyness". As of yet we have no discharge target other than Tuesday which was the plan "before" surgery. We are blessed my Jack's surgeon and his Senior Resident as well as the quality caring staff, a number of them professed Christians who are very encouraging... and today we will have a visit from one of the volunteer chaplains. Yesterday we moved to a private room with a view which is nice and I am so thankful to staying close. Hospital security walk me to the hotel when I leave which is really nice. Thank you to EVEYONE for their prayers!!!!

Another Prayer Request

Please pray for my brother Bruce. In the midst of everything going on, I probably didn't write that he was just sworn in as a Warrant Officer in the Navy. I am so proud of him, I could practically burst! The only sad part is that he has to transfer to Virginia (but I'm glad he's off nuclear subs!!!). Today he begins that long journey by car across the United States from Bremerton to Virginia to start training. Please pray for traveling mercies. Also please pray for my SIL Linda and the girls as they will be staying until the end of the school year. Pray for their protection and their relationships as they are all separate from each other. Thank you!

God Is So Good!

Look at this beaming face! Mom's (Ruth) theme song of the day was "God Is So Good!" You know the Sunday School Song, "Good is so good, God is so God, God is so good, He's so good to me!" :-) I've seen a lot of patients and people post surgery and I am just amazed at how well Jack did with this major surgery! We are really praising God.

Out on the "promenade" with his trusty IV, Dr. Thirlby on the left who is the surgeon and I believe Dr. Fru on the right who is the main Resident working on Jack's case.

Ruth and Jack... I KNOW my Mom and I can tell by looking at her face in these pictures, that even though there are stresses and hurdles, when she says she is doing "fine" she really is! This does my heart good!

Uncle Doodlebug and my Mom's sister Marilyn, who stayed with my Mom through it all, for which I am forever thankful!!!

Jack's cousin Laura and her Husband Ron came too. For those of you who read my original blog and know how my shawl ministry started for our dear cousin Nancy while she was in the last stages of cancer. This is her sister and her granddaughter T who is celebrating her first birthday!!! Isn't she a dolly?
Nancy's husband and his lovely new wife came too along with Nancy's son and wife. They brought a singing teddy bear that Jack and Nancy shared back and forth in their hospital visits. Tag Jack! You're IT! :-)
While this will be a long haul and Jack and Ruth will need continued prayers, encouragement and at times physical help, God's fingerprint is certainly all over this situation. He is working on all the details and in spite of all odds, this has gone as good as is possible.
Yesterday, Jack passed his swallow test and so today, the journey begins... One Tablespoon At A Time.
Thank you everyone! Please leave a comment if you want to get a message to Jack and/or Ruth. They are now in a private room and the hospital does have Wi-Fi so they are reading and encouraged by the love you have sent!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Jack Is Doing Well

Things went well today. He even was up and walking and his doctors found him walking in the hall! :-) Lots of pain and exhaustion. There was some fun with visitors including a one year old 2nd cousin! This afternoon they had opportunity to speak with the main resident working on Jack's case and found out that he did have essentially all his stomach removed, but they are pleased with how he is doing.

Ruth is pretty exhausted but is going to give me some update info and perhaps a picture tomorrow. Your continued prayers are appreciated. Thank you for checking in.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thursday Night Update

Just talked to Mom. Jack is doing really well post surgery, better than even hoped and expected. It's still a long journey ahead, but it's encouraging that he has good color, he's making jokes :-) and was able to visit for brief moments this evening. God is good! Ruth is tired but feeling good.

To God Be The Glory

That's what was running through Mom's mind this morning, a gift from Him: To God be the glory, great things He hath done!

Praise the Lord. Five hours of surgery and Jack is now in recovery. Everything went well. The surgeon said that the cancer was "further north than advertised", so they did remove a little more than they thought. Everything looked okay but we will know more on Monday when the biopsies come back.

Thank you for all the prayers and I will update ASAP!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thursday: Today Is The Day!

Well, it has been almost two months and even though it is a little bit scary, I am thinking "This is the day! This is the day! That the Lord hath made, that the Lord hath made. We will rejoice! We will rejoice and be glad in it! And be glad in it!" We do not rejoice in the surgery, but we do rejoice in God's working in Jack and Ruth's lives. They both have as much peace as you can have in a situation like this and are trusting God. This is a big thing. Their lives will never be the same after this point. Our prayer is that God will make their lives better!

Jack's surgery will be the second surgery of the day, so it will start around 9-10 AM Pacific Time. He is in Virginia Mason Hospital in Seattle. Today he had all the testing and dietary counseling. Everyone has been wonderful and caring and helpful. Mom is going to be staying in a hotel across the street and her sister Marilyn will be with her waiting. The surgery will take about 5 hours.

After the surgery, he should go into ICU and then to a regular floor. If all goes well he will be discharged on Tuesday. They will find out biopsy results probably on Monday. The biopsy results will determine whether or not further treatment will be necessary. The first three months after surgery are important for his care, so the surgery is really a beginning.

Please pray for continued peace as Jack, Ruth and family walk through this.
Pray for healing and recovery and no spread of cancer
Pray for Ruth's physical stamina while she is at the hospital and in the coming months as she returns to work and cares for Jack.
Pray for Jack's Mom, Grandma Doris as she waits and is unable to travel to Seattle to see Jack.
Pray for Jack's sister, Aunt Kristine and the others who will help in Jack's after care.

My body is in California, but my heart and mind are in Seattle. We decided it would be better for me to come at a later time, especially since Aunt Kristine is such a good nurse. I would like to thank everyone who is there helping and loving my parents in ways that I cannot from a distance. You are all precious to me and I know they appreciate all that you have been doing and have offered to do. You are God's hands and feet, serving them as Jesus asked us to serve each other. We love and appreciate you.

Please leave messages here on the blog. Mom and Jack read them. There is wifi at the hotel (don't know about hospital), so at least Mom can read them and pass the messages on. This will be a blessing to Jack!

Thank you for praying!!!