Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Importance of Being Seven

For about 6 months out of the year, Boogie gets to be "much older" than his sisters... that is his age number is 2 greater than theirs. The other half of the year that is reduced to 1. When you are 7 that is a big deal. Yesterday was an important day in being 7. The tooth in front that has been loose for awhile came out while eating a banana at lunch yesterday. My freckle nosed boy was more than happy to pose proudly for this picture.

When you are the oldest and the only (boy), then sometimes 7 makes you BIG and IMPORTANT. You are in charge of the safety drills your family practices, you get to do important errands, you learn math concepts that your baby sisters can't even begin to comprehend yet, you can read chapter books, you can build the coolest Legos Mars Mission alien ships... but the most frustrating thing about being 7 - still sharing a room with your little sisters! UGH!

Boogie is probably the most excited about getting a new house because he will get a room of his own! At first he wanted to paint his room RED, ALL RED! I said no, because even pink is hard to paint and takes many coats (anything with red in it - it's the hardest to get the right coverage/color), but that he could have one wall red. He ended up deciding he wants sky blue with clouds! We'll see.

And we are considering getting two kittens (shhh! Don't tell Abbie!) so that the girls can have the experience of seeing two baby kitties grow up and play (they miss so much growing up in the city!). We were talking about this and I asked Boogie if he was excited about getting kitties... he said, "NO! They Scratch!" LOL He can fight the alien onslaught, but not kitty claws! :-) So, I asked him what type of pet he wants and he said he wanted a gold fish.

The adventure continues! Never a dull moment around here!

In the mean time we are packing like crazy to get stuff in storage to sell our trailer and we are waiting to hear if the bank that owns the property is going to accept our offer.


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