Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jack Update

Hi everyone! Sorry for the late update. It's our long day when Hubby teaches until 10 PM so I have not had a chance to log on until tonight. In between everything else we are waiting to hear if the bid we put on a house is going to be accepted, while starting to pack to get our trailer ready to sell. Nothing like a little stress to put you behind schedule! lol

Jack has been working diligently to meet all the steps required for discharge. I'm so proud of him, he accomplished going up 8 stairs with the PT today! Having had two C-sections, I know what an ouch that is! lol It looks like he will probably be discharged tomorrow (Wednesday) and the surgical reports are still not complete. They will spend the night at the hotel in Seattle to give some rest and make sure everything is okay before driving 2 hours north. Please pray that they will not have to contend with snow and adverse conditions heading home.

The main prayer request now is for pain control. Please pray that they will find the right dosage of pain meds and for continued pain control as he transitions at home. Oh yeah, since Mom (Ruth) got to say something on the blog, Jack wants to too... he says, "Everything is Copacetic!" (aka "Fine as frog's hair!") If you know Jack, you'll get that! :-)

Thanks so much for the prayers! For my regular bloggy friends... I'll get back to regular blogging soon... hopefully with some pictures of our new home!

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