Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jack's Journey Continues....

Mom said it so well, I'll let her words speak for themselves...


God’s peace continues to surround us… As we left the house Wednesday to drive to Seattle for a myriad of appointments in follow up to Jack’s surgery, we were greeted at our driveway by neighbor children out for a walk, including some of the toddlers from Jack’s Sunday School class… what a blessing to collect hugs and high 5s… then we drove under sunny skies, enjoying the time for intimate conversation.

We arrived at our hotel in time to check in, for Jack to have a serving of soup, then took the hotel shuttle to Virginia Mason where a wheel chair awaited Jack as we went from appointment to appointment throughout the clinic.

Our first stop of the day was to see a Nutritionist, where we were blessed by a delightful woman named Debra, who was very knowledgeable, helpful and encouraging. Not only did she answer our questions, provide handouts for the next phases of diet, but also gave us her e-mail address in case we have questions in the future. So reassuring and Jack was delighted to discover that he can now have a poached egg and oatmeal, two of his favorites, as he moves to pureed foods for a couple of weeks, then on to soft foods. PTL!

Next stop was to visit the Surgeons where Dr. Fru, the resident who adopted us and vise versa, removed Jack’s 18 staples, carefully saving them in a ziplock bag for Jack, then promptly throwing them away… LOL! They were quickly retrieved, after care questions addressed, and next follow up noted for 3 to 6 months hence to keep an eye on his nutrition.

The last 2 appointments were with the Oncology doctors who reviewed the pathology report with us and explained the need for further treatment and the Tumor Board’s recommendations. While the stomach cancer was found early and the surgery removed all seeable cancer, there was cancer found in one of twelve lymph nodes removed during the surgery… that fact combined with the aggressiveness of this “signet ring” type of cancer make is advisable to proceed with a course of treatment combining both chemo and radiation. We are thankful that there are good oncology physicians and treatment facilities here in Bellingham so that we will not need to expend time and energies traveling to and from Seattle as the course of treatment will likely extend from March to September.

Jack is gaining strength daily and has moved from a full liquid diet to pureed foods, eating small portions several times a day and enjoying the taste of food, although he doesn’t experience hunger since he has no stomach. Doctors are very pleased with his overall progress and we are praising the Lord for answered prayers! Our spirits continue to be at peace, trusting the Lord to carry Jack through the next phase of the journey.

We seem to have a new language… speaking in song and scripture, e.g. God is Good… All the Time… My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus Christ and righteousness… Because He Lives, I can face tomorrow, all fear is gone… and It is Well with My Soul.

Jack’s take on Wednesday’s appointments and “knowing” the full extent of the cancer and the path that lies ahead follows the line of “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free… Ruth heartily agrees and is also blessed by the song “Christ Above Me”… Ever guiding.

Christ Above Me
John Chisum, George Searcy

Christ above me
Christ beside me
Christ within me ever guiding
Christ behind me
Christ before
Christ my love
my life my Lord

Bread of life from Heaven
Lover of my soul
Peace of God so ever present
I surrender my control to


Mercy everlasting
Tenderness divine
Word of God so ever healing
I surrender heart and mind to


© 1999 ThreeFold Amen Music/ThreeFold Praise Music

Thanks for listening, loving us, and faithfully praying for us!

Love and Blessings... Ruth

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