Sunday, February 8, 2009

Just When I Thought I Was Done...

Please scroll down for pictures of Jack (all rated G - nothing medically gory! lol)

I thought I was done updating and just received this from Ruth, what she wrote for church and thought I would also post this here since it is written from her perspective...

We continue to rejoice and PTL! for His wonderful oversight of all aspects of our lives. Saturday was a busy day with blessings. An x-ray was done to see if and how contrast liquid would flow through Jack's "new" system (esophagus direct to intestine)... and I got to watch with one of his doctor's. To quote him, it was "textbook" perfect... No leaks or blockage... and again we give glory to God!!! Three of Jack's cousins and spouses visited yesterday as well... and Jack received a tube feeding just for nurishment sake... so it was a fine large day. To date Jack has only had ice chip wet swabs and nothing by mouth... but Today he will begin clear liquids... an ounce at at time. Thus our prayer requests include his ability to tolerate the liquids without nausea or discomfort... Additionally we pray that the side of effects of his morphine pump and epideral in his back will lessen, e.g. some itching, sweats and hot/cold alternates, and some disorientation "goofyness". As of yet we have no discharge target other than Tuesday which was the plan "before" surgery. We are blessed my Jack's surgeon and his Senior Resident as well as the quality caring staff, a number of them professed Christians who are very encouraging... and today we will have a visit from one of the volunteer chaplains. Yesterday we moved to a private room with a view which is nice and I am so thankful to staying close. Hospital security walk me to the hotel when I leave which is really nice. Thank you to EVEYONE for their prayers!!!!

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