Sunday, February 8, 2009

God Is So Good!

Look at this beaming face! Mom's (Ruth) theme song of the day was "God Is So Good!" You know the Sunday School Song, "Good is so good, God is so God, God is so good, He's so good to me!" :-) I've seen a lot of patients and people post surgery and I am just amazed at how well Jack did with this major surgery! We are really praising God.

Out on the "promenade" with his trusty IV, Dr. Thirlby on the left who is the surgeon and I believe Dr. Fru on the right who is the main Resident working on Jack's case.

Ruth and Jack... I KNOW my Mom and I can tell by looking at her face in these pictures, that even though there are stresses and hurdles, when she says she is doing "fine" she really is! This does my heart good!

Uncle Doodlebug and my Mom's sister Marilyn, who stayed with my Mom through it all, for which I am forever thankful!!!

Jack's cousin Laura and her Husband Ron came too. For those of you who read my original blog and know how my shawl ministry started for our dear cousin Nancy while she was in the last stages of cancer. This is her sister and her granddaughter T who is celebrating her first birthday!!! Isn't she a dolly?
Nancy's husband and his lovely new wife came too along with Nancy's son and wife. They brought a singing teddy bear that Jack and Nancy shared back and forth in their hospital visits. Tag Jack! You're IT! :-)
While this will be a long haul and Jack and Ruth will need continued prayers, encouragement and at times physical help, God's fingerprint is certainly all over this situation. He is working on all the details and in spite of all odds, this has gone as good as is possible.
Yesterday, Jack passed his swallow test and so today, the journey begins... One Tablespoon At A Time.
Thank you everyone! Please leave a comment if you want to get a message to Jack and/or Ruth. They are now in a private room and the hospital does have Wi-Fi so they are reading and encouraged by the love you have sent!

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