Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Picture IS A Thousand Words

Is this good enough reason for not getting up the post with our anniversary pictures and other catching up?

This is Baby N, who at the time of this picture was about 26 hours old, and is the son of my Sunday School teachers, A and C. (No I didn't make the hat, apparently there is a group called "Mad Hatters" that makes the baby hats for the hospital.) Don't you just love how babies come out with these long, perfectly manucured fingernails?

Blogger is doing strange things with photos tonight, so this is out of order, but proves that all the necessary cuteness parts are there!

Like my little Princess, he has to be encouraged to eat, so he is nakey in this picture and his Grandma is burping him.

Look at this face! He's kinda wishing he could go back to his warm, swimming abode! LOL

This is also out of order, but Daddy A is holding N as he frowns in his sleep.

Yes, he had all ten fingers and toes.
I got to hold the baby, smell the baby (hmmm... newborn straight from God baby smells so good!), change a poopy diaper... but I didn't get to take him home! :o(

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