Saturday, December 13, 2008

Astronauts do not like flowers, BUT, aliens do!

These are the conversations that come about when little girls lay aside their dollies and play Mars Mission Legos with their big brother!

Today I needed the laugh.

Last night and today I managed to accomplish eating a whole marionberry pie!

Insomnia is driving me crazy!

I needed the good laugh. Thank you for everyone who wrote and prayed. I am having a lot of problems with blogger and with the comment program that couldn't be resolved after almost two hours working on it. The only place I can see your comments are here on the blog and it no longer gives me the contact information.

The praise is that Jack's scan does not show any spread of the cancer! A Thyroid nodule was discovered however and he will have a needle biopsy next Thursday. Now they are in a waiting game. The ball is in the hands of the surgeons at Virginia Mason Hospital in Seattle, where it has been decided the surgery will take place. We appreciate your continued prayers. Mom said, they really appreciate the prayers and have been "walking in them" as time after time, the pieces have fallen into place.

And today, or I should say yesterday, since we are past midnight, Mom and Jack celebrated their 21st anniversary and Mom's birthday. I have been working hard to get my new digital scrapbooking blog up and running in time to post the cutest little picture of my Mommy as a two year old in the snow. This is one of the layouts that I submitted when I applied to become a Creative Team Member at Heritage Scrap. I'm so excited that I was chosen to join the team. I will be posting heritage layouts there to show off their wonderful kits. I post as Forget Me Nots in the gallery. This is not a paid position but I do have use of the kits to create layouts and that is wonderful for me... to support my habit! :o)

So, Happy Birthday Mom! Happy Anniversary Jack and Mom! We all love you. I hope you like your snow layout!


Theresa said...

Insomnia is a bear. Ugh!I'll be praying for that.

So excited to hear the good report about your dad.

I didn't know you were a team ember for Heritage scrap. Cool. Doesn't surprise me though - you are an artist!

Theresa said...

When I saw the title to your post, I thought you had gone National Enquirer, lol. Good news about Jack.

Theresa said...

Hmmm, I have never had to sign in before and have no idea what my sign in is.
I'm sorry I haven't commented for awhile but I do pray for Jack. We have a very dear friend who was just transferred to Virginia Mason.
I've been struggling with sleep, too. Makes it hard to function during the day, doesn't it!
Have you ever tried wordpress? My comments come right to my inbox. The drawback, though, is no java in the sidebar if it is their free acct.

Theresa said...

Oh what joyful news it is about Jack! I prayed for him last night. Praise the Lord!