Friday, December 26, 2008

Family Pictures

Phew! We don't celebrate the whole deal of Christmas and we are exhausted! I don't know how families go on and on and on without going insane with exhaustion and overload.

The kids woke up bright and early on the 24th, not wanting to miss a minute of playing! Here's Boogie with his Mars Mission Legos - all 759 assembled! He has been having a lot of fun with them.

Our church has a Christmas Eve service and we went to enjoy the singing and fellowship. It's always nice to go and see visiting friends and family members of our friends or people who go to second service (we go to first).

Here is Pastor Mike in his non-Abrahamic clothing! :o) He's holding my friend L's daughter L, who is a tiny little cherub with big brown eyes!

Speaking of tiny little cherubs with big brown eyes - look at my friend S and her daughter C! Doesn't C look like one of the Precious Moments figurines? She was just getting over her tears because she thought Mom and Dad had left the sanctuary.

When we got home the kids were anxious to open up the boxes that came from Aunt Shelley two weeks ago. They are left to right Sunshine, Boogie and Princess.

We were all tired but wanted to see what was in the big boxes!

Our neighbor's girlfriend gets something for the kids every holiday. Here's Princess with her bear and candy.

Here is Sunshine with her bear and candy.

Princess is looking at the cool wood and magnet dress up doll set from Shelley. The girls have had fun with that.

You can see in Princess' face that we were all tired. Here is Boogie with his model set. He also got a cool schooner wagon model and another one that I haven't had a chance to look at. These will be fun projects with Daddy and for school.

I always hate seeing families open gifts and it becomes a shark frenzy, free for all. So I had the kids sit on the couch and open one present at a time. The kids actually are excited to see what their siblings are getting. This is Sunshine and Boogie concentrating on getting it just right!

This is so Mom knows I exist and that it's not just a robot uploading pictures on the blog! LOL

Boogie made us ornaments his Sunday school class. Mine is a cross and Hubby's says WWJD.

Boogie and Hubby with handmade ornament.

Let the games begin! Even though they could hardly keep their eyes open, we let them put on jammies and play for half an hour before going to bed.

Thursday, Hubby's Instructional Aid came for dinner as her husband is out of town. This is she and Sunshine.

Here is Hubby, Boogie and Princess. We had homemade turkey barley soup, fresh made Spelt bread rolls and fruit salad with real whipping cream (a holiday tradition from my Mom).

After our friend left, we opened our stockings in the evening. We just give the kids a few small things. Aunt Shelley also sent bags of stocking stuffers too. Grandma and Grandpa sent "Jesus - The Greatest Gift" tshirts for the kids. Princess, Boogie and Sunshine.

I thought this picture was funny. Who knew a plastic dinosaur could elicit such responses.

Even though he's "more of a Mars mission fan", he was very excited with a new Indiana Jones tshirt!

Princess got an as of yet, unnamed dolly, which she just loves.
Sunshine wasn't sure what to think of a boy doll. She had never seen one before and wasn't quite convinced of his vintage cute-ness. Look at Boogie though. He's pretty interested. Negotiations were held after picture taking was over! LOL

As you can see Boogie hides his emotions well - ha ha! We got him a new cover for his Bible. He had out grown the big green Larry Boy cover with the huge eyeballs on it, so we opted for a more "boy-ish" one that looks like a blue back pack. He loves it - not that you could tell or anything! LOL

I gave each of the kids a tube of Flick's. When I was a kid I think they were made by Ghirardelli, but they aren't anymore. Do you remember those? After you were done eating you could put your nose up to the empty tube and drink in the heavenly aroma of chocolate! They kind of taste like cheap, yucky, fake chocolate now but the kids got a kick out of them. At first though, as witnessed in this picture, they didn't know what to think of them!
Aunt Shelley's snow is starting to melt. Grandma and Grandpa are still snowed in. It's still brown and wet down here. I miss the snow!

Tomorrow is another celebration for us. Hubby and I are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary!

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