Thursday, December 25, 2008

Over The River and Through The City

Growing up in Everett, we had to cross the Snohomish River and go up Cavaleros Hill (much more of an adventure than it is with today's engineering!) to get to our Grandparents' homes. So, we always sang, "over the river and up the hill, to Grandma's house we go!" The car knows the way to take us today..." :o) Corny, but when you are a preschooler, corny is allowed! lol On Tuesday, we went over the American River and through the city/ies to Aunt Kathy and Uncle Lou's.

We left Abbie like this. I'm sure she was relieved to have us go, because when we left, we took Pixie with us.

Pixie is my friend S's Sheltie. This is the third Christmas that she has been with us and this year we had her for four days. She is such a good dog, especially when she was tempted to eat the cat but didn't! She settled for sneaking two bowl fulls of organic cat food! :o) On the way to Aunt Kathy's we took Pixie home.

Here is Aunt Kathy's house.

Aunt Kathy is Hubby's older sister - we have her to thank for taking care of him as a baby and preschooler.

Princess, Boogie and Sunshine. The girls wanted to wear their new skirts again. I forgot to say that Princess has zebras and Sunshine has horses. Boogie chose his new polo shirt when the kids and Daddy went to pick up last minute stuff for Mommy.

Princess, Boogie and Sunshine.

Kathy has a lovely home and I wanted to show my Mom her new curtains, which were very pretty. The stain glass in the window is one of Kathy's creations.

Buddy was VERY excited to see the kids and had to be given a "chill pill". Poor guy. He really liked Sunshine.

Boogie wouldn't go near him and Princess was quite cautious. Here she is getting protection from Mommy.

Daddy and Boogie... my two handsome guys!

Uncle Lou entertained the kids with magnetic balls. L to R, Lou, Princess, Boogie and Sunshine.

Princess and Sunshine excited about trying it themselves.

Of course the kids were excited about their gift bags and were eyeing them all afternoon. We made them wait until after dinner... mean parents!

Of course the most exciting event was when Boogie got his Mars Mission Ultra Drill Walker. This is the Lego set of his dreams that he has been obsessing about for a couple months! We practically had to pry it out of his hands to get him to go to sleep! LOL

Boogie giving Uncle Lou a hug. Uncle Lou avoids the camera so I had to sneak this one in! LOL

Aunt Kathy

After we left, we drove through their neighborhood. It wasn't like previous years where you could probably see the light from space it was so lit! But it was pretty to see.

Trains for Grandpa Jack.

Noel - for our soloist!

Glory to God in the Highest!

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