Thursday, November 27, 2008


Princess, Boogie and Sunshine

Hubby, Boogie and Princess with a feast laden table

A bad picture of Mama, but a good picture of Sunshine! Sunshine looks quite a lot like me at the same age, only I had much darker eyes and almost black hair.

Boogie and Princess being goofy while we read the list of what the first Thanksgiving feasters ate - num, num! eel pie! LOL (Note the banana - Boogie, my pickiest eater said before hand that he would try two bites of turkey so that he could eat pie and other goodies. It was his choice not to eat, but I gave him a banana to tie him over to the next meal.)
There are so many things that I am thankful for that I think I will continue doing this every Thursday. In no particular order:
1. All the Thanksgivings past that have given me a rich heritage of thankfulness and togetherness.
2. All the dishes and silverware that we used for our Thanksgiving dinner - just our everyday - but they are all wedding gifts from people who love us.
3. Unlimited long distance plan - so we could call and talk to Grammy and Grampa today even though we talked to them several times this week already!
4. My best friend Shelley who made me laugh so hard on the phone last night that I had an asthma attack! LOL
5. Camera RAW that I am learning how to use to improve my pictures. Still in the learning curve, but it's fun!
6. My Hubby (I'm sure I mentioned him before but he bears repeating!) who helped me get everything read today so that we could have a nice family meal.
7. My kiddos who have expanded our family and our hearts!
From our home to yours, we hope you are blessed with special moments today that you can take with you throughout the year! Happy Thanksgiving!

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