Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wonderful, Miraculous News

Our friend Luanne had surgery on Monday to remove a tumor on her kidney and the kidney itself. She was told that over 90% of these tumors are cancerous. Yesterday the pathology report came back NO CANCER!!!! PRAISE GOD!!!! Yes, I am shouting! I am so excited!!!

The reason why there is a picture from my wedding (that's my Mom Ruth) is that Luanne and her husband Ron were two of the many "angels" from our wedding. Luanne did the adjustments and altering on my dress and she and her husband helped us decorate the social hall and donated some of their poinsettias which we used for decorations in the church. Our wedding would not have happened without all our angels, and it was proof that you can have a lovely wedding without spending $20K or more! (counting the dress, tuxes and photographer it was less than $2k and it may not have been the grandest but there were 300+ people and LOTS of LOVE - it cheers me just to think of all those who gave of themselves to make our wedding happen!)

Thank you God for your hand on Luanne's life.

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