Monday, January 19, 2009

Made Ya Look Monday

Faith Sisters has a column called Made Ya Look Monday, where the administration chooses several layouts in the gallery that "make ya look". The layout above is one of mine that was chosen today. I created it using a wedding photo I took several years ago (and if you've been here before you have seen it in some of the heritage scrap layouts I've made) and a beautiful kit from Willro & Co Designs called Sweet Things .

I decided to play with it some more using Willro & Co's Sorbet Dream kit, also available at Faith Sisters. I'm trying to stretch myself creatively and work in some styles that are not my natural. I have a tendency to get too "tight" in my creativity and need to "loosen" up. So, I tried these heritage photos with modern design. It was kind of fun to do something different.

And today is this couple, my maternal, maternal great grandparents, would have celebrated their 104th wedding anniversary (if that were possible!).

I'll try to post more often. I have been a bit overwhelmed finding my way around forums and assignments and all the new things I am doing on the Creative Teams.

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