Friday, January 16, 2009

Jack Update

Soon I'll be updating the sidebar with newer information. But, for those who were praying for Jack's thyroid testing and consult, Thank You! Everything went well and he had a good doctor visit with a doctor who listened and was thorough. While Jack's thyroid is greatly enlarged and his numbers show that he is slightly "hyper thyroid", he is not having any symptoms of hyperthyroidism which would be dangerous for surgery (Especially increased heart rate - Since my Husband has Graves' Disease, our family is aware of what can happen with hyper thyroidism and we are so thankful Jack's is stable now.) Just for precautionary sake, Jack will be having a thyroid reuptake test next week. This is a simple test and probably the easiest he has had to do so far! Bottom line is, thyroid is still a "back burner" issue and he is good to go for surgery as scheduled.

Thank you for your continued prayers for Jack's healing.

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