Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ishmael - Chronicle One - The Unseen

My friend Heather, who used to live right down the road and was such an encouragement to me during my infertility treatments, move away from me, the stinker! :-) Besides being an awesome friend, scrapbooker, Sister in the Lord and homeschooling mom of three, Heather is an author. I'm so proud of her I could burst! You see, Heather just won a short story writing contest!

Go check out Ishmael here under the pen name, Eisley Jacobs.

Normally I would turn my head away from a story about angels. Most people write about them like children's fairy tales or extensions of Narnia or Rivendell, but not Heather! She respectfully presents angels in what I would consider a "theologically correct" way and her story keeps you wanting to hear more. The angel combats evil through the Word of God in much the same way that Jesus gave the example to us. So, even though the story was about a NICU emergency (Warning to those who may be sensitive to the experience of infant medical emergencies, this may be difficult to read. For those who have sensitive hearts, break out the kleenex!), I felt there was a subtle lesson to the Believer that we should know the Word of God so that it can be ready on our tongue in times of spiritual battle and so that it can renew our minds and feed our soul.

Way to go Heather! I look forward to hearing and reading more from Eisley Jacobs!

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