Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Calling All Prayer Warriors!

Hello everyone,

This morning our family is standing in the need of prayer. Please pray for Jack's Mom, Grandma Doris. She is in ICU with pneumonia and related heart issues. They have not yet stabilized the heart concerns. Aunt Kristine has been with her all night - she's an awesome caregiver, but human and exhausted. She has been taking care of both Jack and Grandma and could use a huge prayer hug as well!

Also this morning, Jack is going in for a barium contrast CT of his pelvic, abdominal and chest regions to determine the cause of his decreased ability to swallow and eat. Friday he will do barium again as they have to re-form the "cradle" that will be used for his radiation treatments that will be administered along with chemo in a week or so.

We appreciate you all praying. Thank you.

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