Saturday, March 21, 2009

Where We Are or Where Are We?

Phew! Since going to Lynette's Pampered Chef party in January, everything has been a whirlwind, a roller coaster... or you pick the chaotic analogy! Well, we are finally getting to the point of one whirl wind ending and another beginning! Wednesday, the 18th, we signed our mortgage documents... 130 pages! We met the notary at Tim's work and signed our papers in the classroom.

Here's Hubby signing the Deed of Trust. He's still smiling! :-)

Now, it's my turn to sign the Deed of Trust!

The kids were really great while they waited. L to R Boogie, Sunshine and Princess. I wanted to get a picture of the girls on this day because it was 10 days before their sixth birthday and I wanted to compare it to the one of me 10 days before my sixth birthday. The girls do not look like me, but they do resemble me... if that makes sense. It's hard to tell in this picture and YES! I do need to cut their bangs!
This is me ten days before my 6th birthday. It was my last day of Kindergarten June 9, 1972 and this is my teacher Mrs. Barney. If you know me on FaceBook, you have seen this already as it is my profile pic. My Mom made the dress... red with white polka dots.

Afterwards we went out to dinner to celebrate. I took this picture from the car because it was so beautiful how the light was shining through the branches.
Hopefully we will get the keys on Tuesday, but maybe not until Wednesday.
Now the real fun begins... Anybody living close by with muscles? We need help for Saturday 3/28! Thanks.

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