Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ruth's Update On Jack - Pray for Start of Chemo

My apologies for the delay in updating information regarding Jack. This past week and a half has been a busy in many ways. Medically, God opened doors and Jack’s port was successfully implanted on Friday the 6th and Jack received his schedule for chemo therapy to begin here in Bellingham on Monday, March 16th… Daily for 5 days, then a time for his body to rest before radiation begins in mid April. There is a lot to absorb and learn about as we step into the treatment phase.

Jack sitting at the back of the church for service.
On Sunday the 8th we were finally able to make it to church. It had been a long month since Jack’s surgery… and it felt like we were home at last. That was the thought that brought tears of joy as I drove down Laurel Road on our way to worship that morning. It was the first time since Feb 1st that Jack and I had been able to make that journey and oh how we have missed the sweet communion with our home church family.

Jack and his "girlfriends" Susan and Joy

What joy to walk through the back door and encounter our “son” David who engulfed “Dad” in a hearty gentle embrace that lasted a long time and blessed them both. For the next half hour, Jack held court as dear ones greeted him during the fellowship time between the services… young and old alike were ever so glad to “see” Jack and know how faithful God has been in answering their prayers… to God be the Glory, Great Things HE hath Done.

Jack and Sangae (I hope I spelled your name right!)

Jack keeps a set of twin girls wherever he goes! LOL (You girls look just like your Mommy when she was your age!)

Jack continues to do well and took advantage of this week to be out and about for short stints. Tuesday, his sister Kris took him to his Carving Group at the Ferndale Senior Center and Wednesday morning I took him to Denny’s where he surprised his men’s Bible study group by joining them for their weekly breakfast meeting where he enjoyed God’s Word and Christian fellowship over a cup of tea.

Jack at woodcarving class at the Senior Center.

The Wednesday Morning Gang - Jack's Bible Study meeting at Denny's for breakfast.

Later in the week we sharpened our knowledge of the care of Jack’s feeding tube as we worked through a couple of clogging episodes with the caring support of the Option Care staff. The week also included praying Jack’s mother Doris through some very painful back issues which necessitated a doctor visit and very long day of medical tests. An MRI shows that she has a couple of bulging discs that complicate her other health issues, along with a urinary tract infection. We are praising the Lord that she is gradually improving with pain medications and TLC from Kris and her wonderful caregivers. Please keep Doris in your prayers, as well as Kris who is doing double duty caring for both her and supporting Jack’s needs.

Today is Friday and we are looking forward to the weekend… We have a “date” planned for Saturday… a foray to Jack’s favorite shopping spot to pick up some really good deals on his new found food favorites and a cup of egg flower soup for lunch at “David’s” our special Chinese restaurant. Lord willing we will again be in Worship on Sunday to fortify us for next week.

As you can tell… Jack is “living” his motto of “Being a Liver!” and we continue to praise the Lord in and through it all. Our hope is in the Lord and we are trusting Him to carry Jack physically through the treatment, asking for His healing and protection from side effects, as well as looking to Him to be our strength and peace as we walk hand in hand with Him.

Thanks to all of you who are supporting us in prayer and so many other ways. We love you and ask God to shower each of you with His blessings.

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