Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Waiting, Adopting, Updating

We were hoping to hear about getting keys by now but that hasn't happened. Hoping to hear something today so we can get started cleaning! Waiting, Waiting, Waiting.

Jack is doing much better than over the weekend and we are so thankful for the prayers. Yesterday when we chatted on Facebook, he had been able to eat some "mush" and soup. Hurray! Continued prayers for strength as his body works with the chemo and for healing of the mouth/tongue sores would be greatly appreciating.

And no, we are not adopting a child. Just children! :-) Fur children! LOL

Meet Heidi on the left and Maisy on the right. They are four months old and though they were brought in as strays, the animal officers think that they were actually surrendered by the owner because they have been bathed and well taken care of and appear to be quite healthy. I hope and pray they stay that way. When we brought Abbie home 10 years ago (from the very same cage at the shelter!) she had a respiratory infection and was really sick and on antibiotics.
This morning we are going in to adopt them. This is the first day they are available so we haven't had a chance to hold them (they don't allow that until they are available to adopt). This will be my girlies birthday present but the whole family is very excited. We chose their names together. Heidi... we just read that book. And Maisy is from the children's cartoon with the little mouse named Maisy. Today we are supposed to be able to hold them, so I'll take more pictures. :-)

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