Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Thank You For Comments

Thank you everyone for all the comments. I am still having commenting issues. It's not because of blogger but because of having the other company who did the comments, be bought out. Now it won't recognize my pass words and instead of sending me comments in email, I only see them on here and so if I don't know y our email, I can't contact you and I also have to do it manually.

I don't want to use another blog system. Do you know of any other commenting options? If I can't get it direct to my email I'm just going to go back to the regular blogger commenting, but then that means I will lose all the comments! :-(

I'm off to women's retreat at Lake Tahoe this weekend, but while hubby is off on school break, I'm hoping to revamp the blog. It seems I have had problems ever since moving to a three column format that is from a non blogger source.

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