Monday, May 18, 2009

Jack's Treatment Phase 2 Home Stretch

Please join our family in continuing to pray for Jack as he enters the home stretch for this second round of treatment which has included chemo 24/7 and radiation 5 days a week for six weeks. He has just about a week to go. As you know, treatment is not without its side effects and Jack is beginning to feel them. He is weary and waiting on the Lord to lift him up on Eagles' wings! Please pray for not only Jack's healing, but his peace, encouragement and endurance. Ask God to help him keep his eyes fixed on the goal. When he finishes in about a week, he will have some time of recuperation before the next phase of chemo treatments begins.
(Photo courtesy of Laurel Community Baptist Church, layout created using Digizines by Teri's Anastasia kit available at

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