Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy (International) Scrapbooking Day

Okay, since this started out as a knitting blog, it's time I posted something about knitting right? lol This is my ancestress Ruth Taylor Wolcott and she's knitting! I used Jean Daugherty's Cherished Memories kit which is on sale at Heritage Scrap this weekend.

And one thing this blog has a lot of, photography! I created this layout using Teri Hanson's
Photogenic Tin Memories kit. It documents my Mother's two grandfathers who were both photographers and their work has influenced me in many ways.

My gggg Grandfather and his two half brothers volunteered in the 17th Michigan Volunteer Infantry (Stonewall Regiment) and the 5th Michigan Cavalry. The youngest brother, Dan, was mortally wounded in his first battle, the Battle of Stone Mountain in Maryland and died about two months later. The middle brother, George went on to serve in Michigan and U.S. politics and Detroit law and business. My ancestor, William Wadsworth Hopkins will have his own layout describing his service in the 5th Cavalry during and after the Civil War. After discharge he died of Typhoid Fever. The photos are of Dan's grave in the White Lake Cemetery, White Lake, Michigan. The man is Erastus Hopkins, father of the young men who served. That drawing is taken from the Oakland County, Michigan history. This is the Right hand side of a two page layout created with Kate McClellan's FANTASTIC Civil War kit.

This is the Left hand side of the two page layout created with Kate McClellan's fantastic Civil War kit. I found some copyright free drawings of the Battle where my ancestor's brothers fought and one of them was mortally wounded, dying two months later.

Heritage Scrap has a new altered art section with Artful Dreamer's products. I made this background paper from one of her backgrounds blended with one of Kate McClellan's papers and used Teri Hanson's lace/ribbon. This is my Grandma Hopkins on graduation day.

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